Digibelt is the enterprise application platform built for the manufacturing industry.


«Industry 4.0 is to connect embedded systems and smart production facilities to generate a digital convergence between industry, business and internal functions and processes»


ME manufacturers cannot afford to be followers of large companies and compete on technology: they need to evolve existing practices to keep their competitive advantage.

«Lean and World Class Manufacturing comes first, then you look at digital. WCM avoids mistakes, changes processes and standardizes. If I do the opposite I would end up digitalizing losses.»


State-of-the-art design for lean world class manufacturing

Smooth change for SME production processes

Smarter decisions with predictive maintenance, alerts and machine learning for optimal interactions

Easy to integrate with existing machinery, sensors and network

Instruction & input

  • Deployed at the assembly and production line
  • Distribute and visualize instructions to workers at intervention location
  • Bring machine controls to mobile devices for worker inputs

Collect & analyze

  • Enable retrieval of machinery operational levels and regimes
  • Summarize relevant data in the control room
  • Raise alerts for early maintenance or process warnings

Flash meeting

  • Interactive meeting workflow to ease and speed continuous improvement
  • Issue assignment and progress distributed throughout the production line and on mobile devices
  • Automatic identification of issues and prioritization according to process downfall consequences


  • Digital management of the lines replenishment
  • Poka-yoke system for materials picking
  • Real time update of in-bound warehouse availability
  • Workflow management
  • Automatic cart position detection and routes optimization


  • Web-based application to priorities and time management for one or more teams
  • Interaction in Agile approach
  • eScrum implements Scrum boards
  • Real time reporting

…and more to come on the platform, by business function and industry niche.